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Frequently Asked Questions (Health Providers)

How do I know when the information was last updated?

The date of the last complete update is listed at the bottom of each service profile. Complete reviews are scheduled by Information Network and ConnexOntario Health Services Information, on an annual basis, to keep service profiles current and accurate.

What do I do if I find information that looks incorrect?

The "Update Service Profile" link at the bottom of a service profile will bring you to an update form. Any submissions through this form will be forwarded to the responsible organization, which will trigger a phone call between the record owner and the service provider, to make sure all service information is accurate and up-to-date. Submitted information is always verified before publication.

Service providers are encouraged to use Data Standards which provide guidelines on how to describe services, their application processes, and general fees information. If you have any questions about the data standards, please contact

What do I do if I get an email request for contact?

Respond and handle the request following your standard internal organizational process. Then use the link in the original email message to complete the process with Connect.

If I share information through this site, will my email or personal information appear?

Neither your email nor your personal information will appear unless you've chosen to include that information in the communication. Any information submitted online will be sent on your behalf through a system-generated email. The sending email address seen by the recipient will be

How do I access the appropriate referral form?

The correct form opens during the referral process, and can also be downloaded directly to your computer from the Common Referral Forms page.

It is recommended to download the referral form with each new referral, to ensure the most recent version is used. You can bookmark the form directly in your internet browser, or create a shortcut on your computer desktop by copying a link address from the Common Referral Forms page, right-clicking on your computer desktop, selecting "New > Shortcut", and pasting the link address into the newly created shortcut.

Do I need to complete the whole referral form?

It is vital that the referral form be completed in full and with as much detail as possible, in order to provide timely services. The purpose of the referral form is to share information using a common language that can be used to identify a person's needs.

Can I email the referral form or must I fax it once it is completed?

All referral forms should be faxed or hand-delivered. Fax is considered the most secure form of electronic communication. Email is not a secure method of transferring personal health information. Some health service providers have policies that emails cannot be used to transmit any patient or client information. If you have questions about the referral process for a particular agency, please contact them directly by phone.

Will I be notified if my client is not eligible for, or declines, services?

Service providers are encouraged to respond and handle requests according to their own standard internal organizational process. It is widely considered a best practice to notify the referrer of the client's eligibility status.

What if there isn't a mental health or addictions service available in my area?

If you are not finding a mental health and addictions service, call ConnexOntario's helpline, available 24 hours a day.

What do I do if my patient requires urgent services?

If anyone is in crisis or requires emergency assistance, visit the local emergency department or call 911.